How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

Just a reminder to readers that although I specialise in the German tv channels installations all over the Uk, If you also want the Uk freesat channels , it is possible to do it with just one dish.

I do install the Uk FreeSat channels boxes and dishes locally – in the Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster Areas

Why not combine your German tv channels installation with the Uk FreeSat channels, avoiding having 2 dishes on the wall?


German from Astra 1 at 19.2 degrees and the Uk freesat from Astra 2 at 28.2 degrees are only 9 degrees apart, so a 80cm dish is absolutely fine to pick up both satellites, especially as both are really strong signals in the Uk and most of Europe.  Your receiver can be programmed to switch a device on the dish, which will choose which LNB to route the signals from, Astra1 or Astra2.  You can read more about these devices here

It is essential to use a good lnb type for any dish with multiple LNBs , poorly performing models or ones which don’t adhere to the standards can stop the diseqc control signals working, I have often found that the cheaper types from even a manufacturer with good top flight LNBs can cause this problem. Over the last 10 years, I have found which LNB models work and which can cause the system to fail.

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  • Neil says:

    This is exactly what I’m looking for – dual LNB for German and UK dish / tuner for:
    Astra 19.2E = german
    Astra 1N > 2F = uk

    Question though is how will this work with the EPGs in the tuner:
    – Will I have 2 different EPGs (one for UK Freesat, one for German Freesat)?
    – How can I switch between EPGs?


  • Hi Neil,
    I have a system which I would recommend, A dish receiving the 2 satellites Astra 1 and 2, and an HD receiver. There are always problems with EPG for Uk / Germany ( France and Spain too!) as the sytems are not quite the same. Freesat products are no use as they have to be put in multi-sat mode to receive 2 satellites , which cancels the Freesat EPG. Germany broadcasts the 7 day epg, this receiver does the best job I’ve seen so far with the info provided. Email sent.


  • Andrew Jay says:

    I have been reading your reply to Neil (above).

    I live in Germany, and would like to move to Freesat, from Sky. I would also like to view German sat TV channels on the same box.
    I have purchased a Bush Freesat box (BU11FSRHD32), but cannot get it to recognise german channels (I am only using 1 satellite channel input at the moment, in a test environment, although more are available at the main TV set).
    Do the german channels need to come into the Bush box on the 2nd sat input ?
    Anything else I can do ?

  • admingerman says:

    Never seen this particular receiver, but check if there is a ‘general’ tuning mode. It may have been designed to recognise the Freesat frequencies only, ignoring all the rest. With most receivers you would try auto-search ( all frequencies in its memory ) or Blind search ( scans first for signals, storing all the found frequencies, then searches the channels found on each frequency.
    Note : Transponder is often used to mean frequency, in many satellite receiver instruction books, although it is actually an incredibly complex signal processing unit on board the satellite.

  • Amir says:

    Hi I have recently been looking into getting German channels in the UK. I am wondering if you can help me and perhaps supply me with the equipment I need.

    I have been given (free from a family member) a 1m satellite dish and a motor that work perfectly. I have freeview built into my tv so I am not too worried about receiving freesat channels.

    I picked up an Icecrypt free-to-air receiver that is able to receive all the channels and utilise the motor function. However the picture quality is rubbish and it makes a mess of all the channels.

    can you recommend a good receiver that can pick up all the common free channels from Austria/switzerland and germany that has good HD picture quality.

    also when i add channels automatically it adds many copies of the same channels from the different regions will there be a way to avoid this with the new satellite receiver.

    I only really need German channels but I would prefer if the receiver will work with my motor

  • admingerman says:

    Hi Amir,
    Yes , I install the Amiko range of receivers and sometimes the Technomate 5402 which has always been a good motor controller.
    The Amiko 8150HD is the cheapest, but with excellent pictures and sorting facilities, reliable and simple , well designed menu.
    The Amiko Alien is a dual boot ( spark or enigma2 ) machine, very capable, good firmware, drives a motor ok.
    The Amiko Alien 2 is thetwin tuner version, for combined fixed dish and motor dish, this is ideal. Very nice well made receiver. Lots of IP functions like streaming in and web server ( streaming out ) auto bouquet maker on Enigma keeps your channel list current.
    For a quote please go to home page and click the “Quote Me” box , watch the help video first.



  • andy says:

    The E2 (Enimga 2) type receivers are the best solution for Astra 1 and Astra 2 ( German & English) Electronic Programme Guide. There is a plugin which is usually pre installed in most E2 images, called cross epg. This produces a marvellous grid type EPG with the same functionality as a Sky box. It is updated from the net, so it does need an ethernet or WiFi connection. The best one ( my opinion ) so far is the Mutant HD51, not only very fast to operate, to load, and to install, great Epg AND 4k as well! For more info see my review

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