How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk



With the introduction of new encryption, the French channels are no longer FTA, so the following are the 2 options currently possible:

  1. Using a French TNT box
  2. Using a Receiver with Fransat Cam

The first option is ok, if you are after just a few of the German channels, but retuning and sorting is quite difficult on most TNT french boxes. Plus with every update, it is possible that your ‘extra’ channels ( ie the German ones ) will be wiped out. There is no way to ‘Save’ and restore the channel list.

The BEST option is the Receiver + Fransat cam

  • The tuning and sorting is much easier, you can choose your own favourites to be at the top of the list
  • I use custom software to make the job simple with each country’s most popular at the top of the lists
  • The favourite lists and tuning can be ‘saved’ and restored in seconds  should anything happen
  • The system is expandable, any of the following or combination of the following channels can be achieved, with different dishes
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish ( free and paid )
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Polish ( both free and paid )
  • Hungarian ( free )
  • Thai/ Korean / Chinese / Japanese

2013 post….

I’ve frequently been asked if its possible to have both French and German free channels.

The Answer is yes!

With a suitable location, I can install a dish with  multiple LNBs to receive all the satellites having French and German channels

td78with4bThis is the 78cm triax being set up, with LNBs for:

  • Eutelsat 5w ( French channels France2, 3,5 )
  • Eutelsat 9a ( Main French channels TF1 M6
  • Hotbird ( Arte, ( also Italian ) )
  • Astra1 ( German and regional French )

For those wanting the UK channels as well, I do the special wide  angle dishes

Toroidal Wide Angle Dish

force frontier dish

This incredible toroidal double reflector dish will do English , French, German, Italian and Spanish…… all in one dish !

These dishes are not usually available in the UK and over several years I’ve found the perfect equipment to work with it, the lnbs and the 5 way switches, to route the signals to the receiver are all specially purchased.


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