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    Yes, as popular as ever it was, now in its 24th year Linden Street continues to amuse and entertain. There is even a downloadable app for your phone, in case you miss anything.

    lindenstrasse1 lindenstrasse2
    lindenstrasse3 lindenstrasse4

    Dedication !

    During the elections of 22nd Sept 13 many different endings of this Lindensträßler episode  on that date were filmed and “installed” as soon as the results were known, be it Black-and- yellow, red – green or Grand Coalition , the hit german  tv show Linden Street was going to be bang up to date and topical. The editors in Cologne City centre recorded the first bits of the programme and edited in the appropriate responses depending on the results, just in time for the transmit time of the show.

    Long ( 18 years ) running soap opera Marienhof ended in June last year, Germans are , like all other europeans , very fond of their soaps.


    Like the Uk, the choice of tv in Germany is enormous and of high quality. Plus many of the major broadcasters have their output tailors into regional variations, so will show regional information with local news, as well as the National news. Over the last year it is particularly notable how many extra HD channels have joined the German output. Compared to other European countries Germans enjoy a huge number, over 100   free ( FTA) channels , a lot in HD.




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