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    Amiko Alien

    As satellite tv goes, the German main channels do have a fairly good epg ( Electronic Programme Guide ) , much better than the French for example, even with the Fransat or TNT receivers which are pretty expensive, only NOW and NEXT programme information is offered.

    There is an option on the latest receivers from Amiko, to include the “Cross Epg” which is an app. loaded in the receiver’s software. This remarkable service accesses an online database, maintained by Rytec, which contains programme information for most of the free German tv channels

    The main advantages are 1) speed and 2) completeness

    1) As the database is accessed each night at a pre-determined time and downloaded completely automatically, it is ready instantly, when the user presses the EPG button on any channel. Without this facility, it would depend on which frequency the receiver is tuned to, as to which information is available. So it makes very slow progress indeed when a user is browsing across channels for something interesting to watch for the evening.

    2) The quality and number of channels indexed on the Rytec database is far superior to the per-channel broadcast information,  some of the smaller channels which usually have no EPG at all, do appear when the app is used.

    2014-11-21 12.16.22

    don’t let the small size of this receiver fool you ! It is the most sophisticated receiver currently available.

    It displays in full HD, the picture quality on the German HD channels is amazing. Amiko has refined their design of digital filters to eliminate the digital effects and dot patterns that used to appear on some receivers in the past. On modern Hi-Tech tvs like Samsung, the picture quality is simply the best I have seen even against much more expensive receivers like Dreambox and VU+

    For the real satellite enthusiast, there is the option of booting the machine in Linux, using the software more often found with Dreambox receivers – Enigma2.   With this, you have many options, the online community continues to improve both function and online facilities into their open software. Under the Amiko native “Spark” software, though, there is more than enough to satisfy most users, the software is very stable and extremely user friendly.

    For the users wanting a clean, box-free appearance in the tv room, the Amiko can be hidden away in a cupboard or drawer, it only needs the Infra-Red sensor to be visible, to pick up the remote commands. It will also record your programmes, when connected to a suitable recording drive – I can supply these too.

    Up to date list of German Channels available: ( note there are  actually over 100 with the regional variations and “exotic” channels but just the main ones are listed here )

    To connect the Amiko to the internet, to use the Rytec database, I can supply a WiFi adaptor, pre-made short ( up to 15 m ) ethernet cables, or make cables to order to reach your router.

    For a quote, to install German Channels with the new Amiko Mini HD receiver please click here we work anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales