How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk
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quote me Click to get a Quote for German Channels Installation. We make online checks with mapping software, so when we arrive to do the job, we can be sure that there are no obstacles in the way or any other difficulties
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motorised satellite dish

The best way to be sure that an installation can be done successfully and the satellite can be received ok, is to send me your exact location, your map coordinates – latitude and longitude.

I will be able to see from Google maps and some software which maps the positions of the Astra 1 satellite, exactly the best position to install the dish, also from your location I will give a quote for the installation.

To see how to get the coordinates from Google maps Watch my YouTube video

Most German channels are on the Astra1 satellite and most people wanting just German channels are happy with one satellite. If you are from the regions of Germany bordering the Netherlands, France, Poland or the Czech republic then perhaps you speak or understand these languages too. Maybe there is another member of the family who would like Russian, Ukraine, Chinese, Turkish, Greek or any of the other countries available by satellite.

The answer is a motorised dish. With the same satellite receivers as we supply for most single European countries, you can expand it use to operate a motor and point the dish to any of the above and more.

An 80cm dish will be able to pickup most of the central European countries with free channels, for the Balkan countries Albanian, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Serbia and Romania it is recommended that a 1metre dish is used as the W2 satellite is a lot weaker than the others.

Another great use for the motorised dish is to pickup Sport, many cycling, football, ice hockey etc matches are broadcast on the many free channels around Europe. A good guide here is the websites and, which have the schedule of sporting fixtures and the channel/ satellite that they are broadcast on. Plus viewing cards like Al Jazeera at under £100 for the year are great value for the sports enthusiasts.

The cost is around £180 more than a fixed dish installation for an 80cm system. If interested please email me, to assess your location I will need your exact location – latitude and longitude, advice and guideance are here