How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

A very common request is “I would like to receive my German channels but I don’t want two dishes on the wall” or ” I’m only allowed one dish on the building”


Sky Mini dish for UK freesat



64cm Triax dish with UK Freesat/Sky AND German Channel


A neat solution and the combi dish isn’t much bigger than the Sky dish. The 2 lnbs are arranged on Triax’s own multi lnb adaptor, especially made for  these dishes, so  that the signal strength is maintained.

To receive your German and UK channels I can recommend the Zgemma H2S receiver, which is a linux based box,

they usually come with ATV image on them, which is fine for both sets of channels. The English epg (electronic programme guide ) which on a free-to-air box is usually just now and next, is a full 7 day epg on the Zgemma, the ATV image uses a merlin plugin, or if  you use ipab or Vix images, a Cross Epg plugin gathers and displays the epg for you.

The H2S is a twin tuner receiver, so a 1 Tb HDD hard drive can be added to make a perfect English / German receiver  with all the usual convenience of a Sky box!

Looks just like a Sky box…. but no, its actually a linux box with Vix image

So recording is really easy, especially if you have been used to a Sky box.  Pressing the record key when highlighting the programme in the grid that you want to record, takes you to an options page to set the timer

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