How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

Here is a site devoted to Satellite channels from Germany.

For the last 10 years i’ve been  installing satellite tv from Germany ( and most european countries ) in England Scotland and Wales. I do both satellite systems to receive the many free channels and the Subscription services:

Sky Germany



German free channels will include both national and regional channels. The Astra satellite is easily receivable in all parts of the Uk and Europe with fairly  basic satellite dish and receivers

I supply HD receivers with optional recording disc, enjoy your familiar Das Erste , ZDF and around 100 free channels from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German. The signal is strong over the UK and so the dish is not huge, only slightly larger than the common Sky dish.

2 LNB dish for German and Freesat channels

2 LNB dish for German and Freesat UK channels

You can even order the twin tuner satellite receiver, enabling you to record one channel whilst watching another, all in HD quality, Germany broadcasts more HD channels than any other country in Europe. If you have family wanting both English and German, this can easily be arranged too.

To get a free quote for German television, installing anywhere in the UK, click here or  on the Quote Me button in the  sidebar.

German can be combined, with other services using a suitable dish. For instance:

French and German,

English and German ( including Sky ) ,

Italian and German

or Spanish and German.

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