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    Mira and Mira X Update September 2020

    The success of the Amiko models goes on a stage with these 2 new models. They are based on the Android platform. As a bonus for customers without a smart TV, this means you can add “apps” for various online sources like YouTube.

    Amiko Receivers  for free to air channels: The mini series receivers: Mira and Mira X models, are my preferred Budget receivers for the German channels. Tuning is simple and quick as there is now a Fast-Scan for German in the installation menu. Sorting the channels out  after tuning is automatic and well thought out. This has been well received by the few German clients I have installed for since this model became available.

    Having tested the MiraX on a huge 65cm Samsung screen, I can vouch for the great picture quality on the German channels. Even the Standard definition channels are clear, the HD channels are stunning, with non of the Crawl pattern on high saturation areas , that you sometimes see on big screens. Note: if you have that problem, reducing picture sharpness and sometimes contrast a little can help. Note2: Sometimes Tvs delivered from big stores are set in shop or demo mode, which means the contrast is set to max, to compete with hight level lighting in shops.

    You can have many favourite groups, which can include channels from different satellites, with the most important moved to the top of the list.   Amiko have had a remarkably good reputation for reliable and easy to use receivers like the 8150, HD  mini and HD 265 models in recent years.

      Amiko Mira X current version

    the Amiko range of receivers have been well received by users and the technical press, over the last few years, for their outstanding value and versatility. The HDse and HDre models are high spec and have an excellent price


    Features at a glance

    • One Conax Embedded card reader
    • 6000 channels (TV and Radio) programmable with 1 x DVB-S/S2 Tuner Module
    • Stream TV & Radio channels to your Android devices via local network! Click here for the App!
    • Two High Speed USB 2.0 Connections
    • Ethernet Connection & USB W-iFi Support (USB Wi-Fi dongle option extra)
    • YouTube videos
    • RSS Reader & Weather Forecast Functions (Ethernet or WiFi connection required)
    • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS Compatible
    • Full HD (1080p) Output via HDMI
    • Channel Recording to External Storage Devices
    • Timeshift support
    • Channel Recording & Timeshifting Simulteniously (optional)
    • Channel switching time less than 1 second
    • True-color, User Friendly On-Screen Display (OSD)
    • Full Picture In Graphic (PIG) function
    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen channel information
    • Subtitle supported
    • Teletext supported by VBI insertion and software emulation
    • Parental lock facility by channel and program event
    • Program and Channel information transfer from receiver to receiver
    • Exciting games embedded
    • Multi-Language support
    • Power Consumption in Stand-By: <0.5W
    • Support for Stalker and Xtream-Codes clients and more!

    For use with German Channels, the HDse performs well , its bang up to date chipset gives absolutely clear HD pictures, much better than its price competitors

    The remote control is easy to use, the channel list can be put into several groups and re-ordered within each group using simple and  intuitive menu options. One or Many channels can be  moved into different groups easily.  This is a feature that many high priced competitors lack, moving channels is often mindlessly tedious to do.

    The usual way of distributing to more than one room, would be a modulator, to get the quality of picture you might consider a digital modulator , but as these are quite expensive, it is actually cheaper to have two receivers , one in the main room and one in a bedroom, or kitchen. This also has the advantage that the two boxes can be on different channels, not possible with a modulator. Using a simple twin lnb on the dish you can feed the signal to two , or even 3 or 4 ( with a quad lnb ) .

    As the HDse features Diseqc control, its also possible to have both English and German or Italian and German on each receiver.

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