How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk


The newcomer on the block FreeNet is now available. FreeNet by satellite was launched in March 2018, mirroring their terrestrial FreeNet operation, which has been gathering a solid customer base very rapidly.


FreeNet is similar in idea to HD+, an additional range of channels, some in HD , to add to the many FTA free to air channels from Germany.

The cards ( valid 6 months ) come with the ci+ cam and of course require a Ci+ receiver, I recommend the Technisat range.  If you already have an HD+ or the French Fransat  cam, Technisat do make a 2 ci slot receiver.


What Channels can be received with FreeNet?

General Programming
RTL 2 HD, Sat 1 HD, Pro Sieben, Kabel Eins HD, Sixx HD, Tele 5 HD, RTL HD

News and Documentaries

General Entertainment
Vox, Sat 1 Gold, RTL Nitro Deutschland , Pro Sieben Maxx Deutschland

Kids Channels
Nickelodeon, Super RTL HD, Disney Channel

Deluxe Music, MTV HD

Sport 1 Germany


If you would like a quote for German TV by satellite, including FreeNet, please use the Quote form in the sidebar.  If you have quick questions NOT regarding price, email me or use the contact me form.

25 Oct 2020 Update:

It has been announced that the Freenet subscription service is to close on satellite at the end of 2020, they have not managed to get the numbers of subscribers required to make the company viable.

The service will continue as present on terrestrial transmitters in Germany, but of course UK viewers will no longer have access. However, the HD+ service is available and is roughly the same channel offering. They also have a sports version which includes the bundesliga matches.

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