How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

This new type of receiver is able to not only receive the German standard and High Definition Channels, but also stream them on to a network.


Built to very good standard and extremely capable,  Amiko have confidently given a 2 year guarantee with this new  receiver.

It can Stream from a network both ways:

* Show streamed channels from the internet on your TV

* Stream the satellite channel it is receiving eg Das Erste or ZDF , to any PC, Laptop or Tablet on your network.

It is fully enabled to connect to any external PC type  recording drive, for easy recording.


2 Responses to New Receiver can stream German Channels to PC or Laptop

  • Laraine Schreiner says:

    Dear Sirs

    I have a German friend who is living in an old peoples home in England. This home will not allow my friend to have her own Satelite Dish. Can she recieve German Television just using this Box in her room?

  • admingerman says:

    I don’t think this would be possible unless the home decided that an additional dish would be approved. A Hotbird /Astra dish could be distributed around the home for the use of French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, Austrian, Italian, Kazakh, Arabic, Swiss, Armenian,Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean residents. So I’m sure eventually with the ageing non-uk residents growing in number, these facilities will be needed, keep asking and perhaps you will succeed in persuading the people in charge…
    I’ll be happy to quote for anyone in a similar situation, I have done many such installations and technically there is no problem, only the reluctance of the owners of the buildings to overcome
    IPTV – without a dish, certain channels are available providing the rooms have WiFi or Ethernet connections to the internet at a speed above 3mbs.
    Best of Luck

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