How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

Technomate have now introduced their model TM5402HD receiver, the cheapest HD so far. I have tested and installed several of these in the last few weeks and can report that the unit performed very well,  tuning in the weakest and strongest of signals from many different satellites faultlessly.  Blind search is also fast ( not quite as fast as the Manhattans but quite adequate, and it didn’t miss any channels. A stringent test on the Czech channels from SkyLink showed great pictures without any breakup,  when the original Czech receiver was hopeless ( built to operate in the Cz Republic on a strong signal ) .

So I can thoroughly recommend the TM5402HD as a great receiver with a budget price, fast tuning , stable operation and great features like USB for recording, which is very easy to set up and to operate. The picture quality on the German HD and Uk HD channels was breathtaking, testing the output via HDMI on a Samsung LED flatscreen model 50 inch.

Gives the full 7 day EPG on the German channels

Go to my full review and specification on the main site

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  • M D Steele says:

    I want to retain my existing UK tv reception but would like to also receive German tv through a satellite dish.
    I believe that I am out of your area for installation but could you quote me for a suitable dish and box suitable for Postcode BN13 3BJ.
    I receive tv at present through a PVR. Would your system work through a PVR or do you have a suitable HD PVR that could be used for both the UK and German tv?
    I believe that the satellite needed is Astra 1 at 19.2 degrees East and I am confident that I can site a dish for that direction.

    Thanks, M D Steele

  • admingerman says:

    Hi Michael,
    All that is required to add is the second dish ( or second LNB if you are using a LNB extender bracket ) and a DISEQC switch. The switch will route the appropriate lnb signal to the receiver. The receiver then has to be programmed to operate the switch. This is where problems can arise. With the popular Humax Freesat boxes, since they have the license from Freesat, you must enter the ‘secret’ menu and change from Freesat mode to multisatellite mode. Although you will lose the Freesat menu system, you will then be able to program each satellite setting ( 28′ and 19.2′ ) . With most receivers a 4 position DISEQC 1.0 Menu is provided, just ignore ports 3 and 4 when using 1 & 2. ( sometimes referred to as ports ABC & D just to add even more confusion )
    Make sure to use DISEQC 1.0 settings not 1.1 settings

    For a full description go to my DISEQC switch article

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