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    The Mutant twin tuner has been available for a couple of years now and has proved to be a serious competitor for the more expensive receivers. It is basically a Linux type receiver – it can be loaded with any of several different Enigma2 software ‘images’ which customise its operation.

    For users this represents great benefits, the menu system , for example with the one I use Vix4E2, the interface is SO similar to the typical Sky box in all its operations, changing channel, recording etc. that it is always well received. Users have had Sky for many years and are already familiar with how to operate the controls.


    Is this a Sky box nope! It’s the Mutants 7 day epg!


    Connections are fairly standard. 2 sat in sockets 1 out . SonyPhilips Digital audio, HDMI, Ethernet, USB and power

    Note there is only one USB so use Ethernet connection if possible, for your network, and the USB for recording.

    There is no Scart, users with old style TVs should go for the EVO twin which does have the scart option and is pretty much similar to the Mutant


    Whats that? Well for many years streamed video has been of H.264 standard. The 265 offers nearly 50% lower bandwidth streaming with very similar quality, so those unlucky enough to have poor slow internet, can have a better chance to stream video now, without the constant buffering. There are already sites using H.265 and it is set to quickly become THE standard mode of the future.