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quote me Click to get a Quote for German Channels Installation. I make online checks with mapping software, so when I arrive to do the installation, I can be sure that there are no obstacles in the way or any other difficulties
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    I’m Andrew and I cover England, Wales and Scotland, installing German ( and others ) TV by satellite

    How do you get a quote for installation?

    Simple just fill in my online form and I’ll get back to you with a full breakdown of costs, options and available receivers

    Satellite TV Europe
    Dish for German Channels is small 60 to 65cm is all that is needed


    You will have a choice of receiver and I’ll advise on which is most suitable, dependent on whether you want just the free channels, the HD+ channels, Austria and Switzerland , if recording is needed and what sort of TV you have – HD or the newer UHD 4k models


    4k TV and HD+ card ready

    Technisat, German made excellence. Works well, long lasting with all new features

    Budget box but well specified and reliable
    Technomate - mid price flexible features
    Vu+ Best enigma facilities full EPG on German and UK

    With simple additions you can :

    • Add UK , French or Spanish to your German installation
    • Add recording facility to your receiver
    • Add a distribution network – have German tv in every room !
    • With Enigma2 Vu+ Have a full 7 day EPG for UK AND German channels – impossible on any other box !

    Their Facebook page has just reported that the Astra satellite broadcasts of the popular music channel are to stop, due to the strain on resources of the Corona Virus Epidemic.

    Fans can keep viewing however on the Facebook page, for the time being.

    If you have a motorised dish or a multi LNB line up, Folx is also on Eutelsat 16.

    A very common request is “I would like to receive my German channels but I don’t want two dishes on the wall” or ” I’m only allowed one dish on the building”


    Sky Mini dish for UK freesat



    64cm Triax dish with UK Freesat/Sky AND German Channel


    A neat solution and the combi dish isn’t much bigger than the Sky dish. The 2 lnbs are arranged on Triax’s own multi lnb adaptor, especially made for  these dishes, so  that the signal strength is maintained.

    To receive your German and UK channels I can recommend the Zgemma H2S receiver, which is a linux based box,

    they usually come with ATV image on them, which is fine for both sets of channels. The English epg (electronic programme guide ) which on a free-to-air box is usually just now and next, is a full 7 day epg on the Zgemma, the ATV image uses a merlin plugin, or if  you use ipab or Vix images, a Cross Epg plugin gathers and displays the epg for you.

    The H2S is a twin tuner receiver, so a 1 Tb HDD hard drive can be added to make a perfect English / German receiver  with all the usual convenience of a Sky box!

    Looks just like a Sky box…. but no, its actually a linux box with Vix image

    So recording is really easy, especially if you have been used to a Sky box.  Pressing the record key when highlighting the programme in the grid that you want to record, takes you to an options page to set the timer

    If you are watching German tv on our multi satellite package equipment, you will have noticed that the French channels  now have a warning notice or you may now be faced with a blank screen. The Fransat cards encryption is being updated. The process of updating all cards to ‘Viaccess Secure’ has actually been going on since may 2017 and is due to complete by the end of 2017.

    To  find out what to do, read our sister blog



    Have you got the latest 4k Smart tv?

    As yet there are only Sky Germanys Sports Channels  “Bundesliga” and “Sports” in the Ultra  High Def list… oh and the inevitable Shopping Channel!  But they will be along soon for sure.

    The Amiko A4 is 4k compatible and available NOW!  Not only will it receive all satellite broadcasts but iptv too! This Amiko streams iptv in using the latest 265 modulation, which promises much better playback, less bandwidth especially on slow connections.

    Being Android based, you can install many of the Google play apps from the PlayStore, like Netflix YouTube and VLC. So even if your TV isn’t a “smart” type, this will convert it to Very Smart!

    I would like a free quote for German satellite tv

    Showing on German channels Das Erste and Eins Festival is the Crime, cop thiller series Tatort. This is one of the most followed German tv shows currently running, Starring Dominic Raake as  Inspector Till Knight and Boris Aljinovic as the Chief Inspector, this is a well written and gritty drama series worth following. In the  latest episode there is a letter bomb which is meant for the famous Berlin Radio host Nico Lohmann, but goes astray resulting in a death…. follow Knights investigation on Das Erste…

    Get this and many other top German tv shows , anywhere in the Uk just click for a quote

    This new type of receiver is able to not only receive the German standard and High Definition Channels, but also stream them on to a network.


    Built to very good standard and extremely capable,  Amiko have confidently given a 2 year guarantee with this new  receiver.

    It can Stream from a network both ways:

    * Show streamed channels from the internet on your TV

    * Stream the satellite channel it is receiving eg Das Erste or ZDF , to any PC, Laptop or Tablet on your network.

    It is fully enabled to connect to any external PC type  recording drive, for easy recording.


    If you are unable to visit family in Germany during Christmas, enjoy a little taste of home with Satellite tv from Germany. All the many channels are free , so no subscriptions or ongoing costs , just a one-off payment for installation. Many of the channels are in HD, so absolutely first class quality pictures are shown.

    Germany at Christmas time

    Enjoy some of the festivals at Christmas in Germany

    The dish is quite small ( its not like the really difficult and huge Romanian or Arabic dishes you see around towns today) installation is quick and easy to arrange. The receiver very easy to learn to operate and updating is simple with automatic new channel scanning.
    For details and prices see main website for more info and


    If emailing please send me your location if you want a price quote – to get coordinates go to LOCATION FINDER enter your post code and click “GO”. Then ‘drag n drop’ the red marker to your house . When completed a line of text appears below the map, containing your latitude and longitude , copy these numbers and paste into an email.

    All the best for the festive season , don’t forget to save a little Christollen, Lebkuchen and Dresden Stollen for the Weihnachtsmann.

    Recent events at the European Court of Human Rights , may have implications for people denied permission to put up satellite dishes to view their own countries broadcasts. The ruling from the court says that Landlords denying tenants permission for satellite dishes, face being sued and there should be the right to enjoy and participate in , for example religious programmes. Read the full document here

    Technomate have now introduced their model TM5402HD receiver, the cheapest HD so far. I have tested and installed several of these in the last few weeks and can report that the unit performed very well,  tuning in the weakest and strongest of signals from many different satellites faultlessly.  Blind search is also fast ( not quite as fast as the Manhattans but quite adequate, and it didn’t miss any channels. A stringent test on the Czech channels from SkyLink showed great pictures without any breakup,  when the original Czech receiver was hopeless ( built to operate in the Cz Republic on a strong signal ) .

    So I can thoroughly recommend the TM5402HD as a great receiver with a budget price, fast tuning , stable operation and great features like USB for recording, which is very easy to set up and to operate. The picture quality on the German HD and Uk HD channels was breathtaking, testing the output via HDMI on a Samsung LED flatscreen model 50 inch.

    Gives the full 7 day EPG on the German channels

    Go to my full review and specification on the main site

    The recent case , referred to the European court, where a Uk landlady was prosecuted by the agent of the FA for showing Premiership Football from the Greek satellite provider Nova, in her Pub, has received the advice to rule in favour of the Pub, otherwise it would infringe the liberty of free trade across Europe.

    See full roundup on the main site PubFootball

    Just a reminder to readers that although I specialise in the German tv channels installations all over the Uk, If you also want the Uk freesat channels , it is possible to do it with just one dish.

    I do install the Uk FreeSat channels boxes and dishes locally – in the Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster Areas

    Why not combine your German tv channels installation with the Uk FreeSat channels, avoiding having 2 dishes on the wall?


    German from Astra 1 at 19.2 degrees and the Uk freesat from Astra 2 at 28.2 degrees are only 9 degrees apart, so a 80cm dish is absolutely fine to pick up both satellites, especially as both are really strong signals in the Uk and most of Europe.  Your receiver can be programmed to switch a device on the dish, which will choose which LNB to route the signals from, Astra1 or Astra2.  You can read more about these devices here

    It is essential to use a good lnb type for any dish with multiple LNBs , poorly performing models or ones which don’t adhere to the standards can stop the diseqc control signals working, I have often found that the cheaper types from even a manufacturer with good top flight LNBs can cause this problem. Over the last 10 years, I have found which LNB models work and which can cause the system to fail.

    The guide button on your satellite receiver, will operate differently on many European satellite channel services, the Spanish channels for example have no text or guide, the French have it on some channels .

    The German Channels fortunately display the full 7 day whats on Guide , shortly after scrolling down the channel list, the guide will fill up and display all the programmes  with the synopsis in a separate window.

    With the Triax receiver / recorder I recommend, you can set up a recording directly from the Guide, simply press ‘OK’ and the timer is set! what could be simpler.

    Incidentally, for anyone wanting the Uk freesat channels AND the German channels in one receiver, the Humax HD boxes have one advantage over the ordinary satellite receiver: as they are designed for FreeSat, they have access to the 7 day FreeSat guide as well as the 7 day German Guide, with an ordinary receiver only the ‘now and next’ guide is available on the Uk main channels.

    I can supply the full range of Triax, Technomate and Humax receivers with any system

    The best way to be sure that an installation can be done successfully and the satellite can be received ok, is to send me your exact location, your map coordinates – latitude and longitude.

    I will be able to see from Google maps and some software which maps the positions of the Astra 1 satellite, exactly the best position to install the dish, also from your location I will give a quote for the installation.

    To see how to get the coordinates from Google maps Watch my YouTube video

    Most German channels are on the Astra1 satellite and most people wanting just German channels are happy with one satellite. If you are from the regions of Germany bordering the Netherlands, France, Poland or the Czech republic then perhaps you speak or understand these languages too. Maybe there is another member of the family who would like Russian, Ukraine, Chinese, Turkish, Greek or any of the other countries available by satellite.

    The answer is a motorised dish. With the same satellite receivers as we supply for most single European countries, you can expand it use to operate a motor and point the dish to any of the above and more.

    An 80cm dish will be able to pickup most of the central European countries with free channels, for the Balkan countries Albanian, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Serbia and Romania it is recommended that a 1metre dish is used as the W2 satellite is a lot weaker than the others.

    Another great use for the motorised dish is to pickup Sport, many cycling, football, ice hockey etc matches are broadcast on the many free channels around Europe. A good guide here is the websites and, which have the schedule of sporting fixtures and the channel/ satellite that they are broadcast on. Plus viewing cards like Al Jazeera at under £100 for the year are great value for the sports enthusiasts.

    The cost is around £180 more than a fixed dish installation for an 80cm system. If interested please email me, to assess your location I will need your exact location – latitude and longitude, advice and guideance are here

    I am now offering this brand new model Technomate TM5302 HD receiver, with the full package of German channels in our main installation area for only £370.

    Latest Technomate Receiver

    TM5302HD the latest HD receiver from Technomate

    Great for German tv but also will take Digiturk cards for Turkish tv and any Viaccess cards for sports cards like the Al Jazeera 10 channel sports cards etc. This very well specified receiver has HDMI to the TV, 2 scarts, component, SVHS, composite video, optical audio out and many other features.

    Are you from Germany? Missing some tv from home? The satellite Astra 1 broadcasts to all Europe including the Uk and there are many free German channels easily available. I install all over the Uk.  Go to the website Satellite tv Europe for full details and you can email me , leave your exact location and your telephone number simply by using the form, just click where you see the yellow button


    Quote Me !


    I am now stocking the Triax PVR satellite receiver. You can order it as an alternative to the Manhattan satellite receiver for a German channels package, enabling top quality recordings on its internal HDD ( Hard Disc Drive)

    The previous recommendation , the Technomate receiver with optional USB external drive is still available. The Triax unit is an all in one receiver and recorder, easy to use, with great pictures from the recorder. Recordings are shown on the menu in a list, with each one having recording channel and date shown.

    Grab the chance now whilst at its introductory price.

    German channel package with Manhattan receiver – £280
    German channel package with Triax PVR receiver – £330




    To inquire or Order email me

    UPDATE FEB 2022

    Here is a site devoted to Satellite channels from Germany.

    For the last 16 years i’ve been  installing satellite tv from Germany ( and most european countries ) in England Scotland and Wales. I provide and fit satellite systems to receive the many free channels and  Subscription services from HD+. Sadly I am no longer able to arrange Sky Germany here, it is only available within Germany.

    German free channels will include both national and regional channels. The Astra satellite is easily receivable in all parts of the Uk and Europe with fairly  basic satellite dish and receivers

    I supply HD receivers with optional recording disc, enjoy your familiar Das Erste , ZDF and around 100 free channels from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German. The signal is strong over the UK and so the dish is not huge, only slightly larger than the common Sky dish.

    2 LNB dish for German and Freesat channels

    2 LNB dish for German and Freesat UK channels

    You can even order the twin tuner satellite receiver, enabling you to record one channel whilst watching another, all in HD quality, Germany broadcasts more HD channels than any other country in Europe. If you have family wanting both English and German, this can easily be arranged too.

    To get a free quote for German television, installing anywhere in the UK, click here or  on the Quote Me button in the  sidebar.

    German can be combined, with other services using a suitable dish. For instance:

    French and German,

    English and German ( including Sky ) ,

    Italian and German

    or Spanish and German.

    Two developments for the dish haters! A dish that you can see through. Placed on a wall , most people passing by will be unaware of this satellite dish, made by metronic , in clear plastic. It is suitable for the German and most of the stronger satellite signals from France, Italy, the Gulf ( Arab channels) Spain or Russia. There are also larger versions  available for Turkish channels.  When ordering your German channel package installation you can  specify a clear dish, email me for full details and prices.

    Clear Plastic Dish

    Clear Plastic Dish

    Secondly , how about a dish in disguise? These couldnt be less like a sat dish, and  can even be decorated ( or camouflaged ) with patterns like brick or cement to blend in. The Self Sat dish certainly works on the German channel package and can be ordered as ‘flat dish’. Again email me for full details and current price.



    The satellite used to broadcast German channels, also carries some Spanish, Polish and French channels, some News channels in English – euronews, CNN, CNBC, BBC world service, Russia today France 24. All are free to watch.

    The Manhattan receiver I install can be set up with the channels grouped in Languages , making it very easy to find and watch channels.

    The ultimate extension to this is to add a motorised dish, the manhattan receiver will operate this too! This gives many hundreds of channels free to view.