How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

I am now stocking the Triax PVR satellite receiver. You can order it as an alternative to the Manhattan satellite receiver for a German channels package, enabling top quality recordings on its internal HDD ( Hard Disc Drive)

The previous recommendation , the Technomate receiver with optional USB external drive is still available. The Triax unit is an all in one receiver and recorder, easy to use, with great pictures from the recorder. Recordings are shown on the menu in a list, with each one having recording channel and date shown.

Grab the chance now whilst at its introductory price.

German channel package with Manhattan receiver – £280
German channel package with Triax PVR receiver – £330




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2 Responses to New PVR Recorder for German Channels

  • Ian Shackleton says:


    We have an additional satellite system that’s aligned to the Astra 1a group and provides us with free German programmes. Our current receiver is on its last legs and we are looking to replace it with a newer version that has the ability to record programmes. Can you recommend a PVR receiver with HDD and what price can you supply it?

    Ian Shackleton

  • admingerman says:

    Hi Ian ,

    There is the Humax twin tuner PVR, although for a simpler single tuner system, you really can’t beat the Technomate 5402HD receiver, with a 500Gb disc attached, the HDD ( 2.5 inch) is very small and can be hidden behind the receiver.

    Recommendations sent by email

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