How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

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  • Phil Catling says:

    Hello. I currently receive German FTA satellite (19.2 degree) digital channels through a small Sky oval dish, into a Foretec Star receiver, which works very well. I also receive Freeview in the kitchen and the living room via a split cable into 2 separate top-set receivers, recording on a DVD recorder. I will soon need to buy a new TV set, and would like to simplify this complicated setup at the same time, hopefuly by receiving Freesat & Astra through a single dish (2LNBs?), into a single receiver, also enabling viewing of both in Lounge & Kitchen, and recording of both using onto DVD & HDD if possible.

    I already have a ChannelMaster 80cm offset antenna dish (unused & boxed) plus mountings. Is it possible to arrange the above requirements and give an approx cost? I live in Aldershot Hants, postcode GU12 4NN. Many Thanks. Phil.

  • admingerman says:

    Hi Phil,
    I can recommend a couple of receivers,that will do the job, there are differences in the epg standards so it will always be a compromise but these do the best possible.
    A lot depends when devising a system for your requirements on whether the rooms need independent choice of programme. If they do, then separate receivers will be needed in each room, this also enables the best quality of picture with HDMI connections to each tv. If not then the one receiver needs to be connected to a central distribution point ( together with aerial ) so it can be tuned in on the ANALOGUE tuner of the other 2 tvs. Quality will be reduced to SD ( standard definition ).
    Recommendations for dish and receiver sent by email

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