How to install German Satellite Channels in the Uk

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quote me Click to get a Quote for German Channels Installation. We make online checks with mapping software, so when we arrive to do the job, we can be sure that there are no obstacles in the way or any other difficulties


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I am now offering this brand new model Technomate TM5302 HD receiver, with the full package of German channels in our main installation area for only £370.

Latest Technomate Receiver

TM5302HD the latest HD receiver from Technomate

Great for German tv but also will take Digiturk cards for Turkish tv and any Viaccess cards for sports cards like the Al Jazeera 10 channel sports cards etc. This very well specified receiver has HDMI to the TV, 2 scarts, component, SVHS, composite video, optical audio out and many other features.

Are you from Germany? Missing some tv from home? The satellite Astra 1 broadcasts to all Europe including the Uk and there are many free German channels easily available. I install all over the Uk.  Go to the website Satellite tv Europe for full details and you can email me , leave your exact location and your telephone number simply by using the form, just click where you see the yellow button


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I am now stocking the Triax PVR satellite receiver. You can order it as an alternative to the Manhattan satellite receiver for a German channels package, enabling top quality recordings on its internal HDD ( Hard Disc Drive)

The previous recommendation , the Technomate receiver with optional USB external drive is still available. The Triax unit is an all in one receiver and recorder, easy to use, with great pictures from the recorder. Recordings are shown on the menu in a list, with each one having recording channel and date shown.

Grab the chance now whilst at its introductory price.

German channel package with Manhattan receiver – £280
German channel package with Triax PVR receiver – £330




To inquire or Order email me

Here is a site devoted to Satellite channels from Germany.

For the last 10 years i’ve been  installing satellite tv from Germany ( and most european countries ) in England Scotland and Wales. I do both satellite systems to receive the many free channels and the Subscription services:

Sky Germany



German free channels will include both national and regional channels. The Astra satellite is easily receivable in all parts of the Uk and Europe with fairly  basic satellite dish and receivers

I supply HD receivers with optional recording disc, enjoy your familiar Das Erste , ZDF and around 100 free channels from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German. The signal is strong over the UK and so the dish is not huge, only slightly larger than the common Sky dish.

2 LNB dish for German and Freesat channels

2 LNB dish for German and Freesat UK channels

You can even order the twin tuner satellite receiver, enabling you to record one channel whilst watching another, all in HD quality, Germany broadcasts more HD channels than any other country in Europe. If you have family wanting both English and German, this can easily be arranged too.

To get a free quote for German television, installing anywhere in the UK, click here or  on the Quote Me button in the  sidebar.

German can be combined, with other services using a suitable dish. For instance:

French and German,

English and German ( including Sky ) ,

Italian and German

or Spanish and German.

There are a wide range of German programmes which can be picked up by satellite, including the following:

Main channels: Öffentlich rechtliche Fernsehsender:

             ARD / ZDF – equivalent to BBC1 and BBC2 in the UK

Regional channels : Regionale Sender:

    • RBB – Berlin / Brandenburg
    • NDR – Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein / Niedersachsen
    • WDR – Nordrhein-Westfalen
    • MDR – Sachsen / Sachsen-Anhalt / Thüringen
    • SWR – Baden- Württemberg
    • Hessen
    • Bayern

Light entertainment:  Hier eine Auswahl der privaten Sender Unterhaltung:

    • RTL
    • RTL 2
    • Super RTL
    • RTL Plus
    • SAT 1
    • Pro Sieben
    • Kabel 1
    • Vox
    • Das Vierte
    • Tele 5


    • DSF
    • Eurosport

Children’s programmes : Kinderprogramme

    • Kika (Kinderkanal)
    • Toggo Plus
    • Disney ( US)

Culture/Art : Kultur/Kunst

    • Arte
    • 3 SAT

News / Finance : Nachrichten / Börse

    • Euronews
    • N-TV
    • N24
    • Bloomberg

Music : Musik

    • MTV
    • Viva

If you have any queries about the range of programmes available, please don’t hesitate to email us (in English or German) at

Es gibt ein breites Spektrum von deutschen Fernsehsendern (öffentlich-rechtliche und private Sender), die über Satellit empfangen werden können:


Wenn Sie Fragen zu den deutsche Satelliten-Fernsehprogrammen haben, können Sie uns gern eine E-Mail  (in Deutsch oder Englisch) senden:

Two developments for the dish haters! A dish that you can see through. Placed on a wall , most people passing by will be unaware of this satellite dish, made by metronic , in clear plastic. It is suitable for the German and most of the stronger satellite signals from France, Italy, the Gulf ( Arab channels) Spain or Russia. There are also larger versions  available for Turkish channels.  When ordering your German channel package installation you can  specify a clear dish, email me for full details and prices.

Clear Plastic Dish

Clear Plastic Dish

Secondly , how about a dish in disguise? These couldnt be less like a sat dish, and  can even be decorated ( or camouflaged ) with patterns like brick or cement to blend in. The Self Sat dish certainly works on the German channel package and can be ordered as ‘flat dish’. Again email me for full details and current price.



The satellite used to broadcast German channels, also carries some Spanish, Polish and French channels, some News channels in English – euronews, CNN, CNBC, BBC world service, Russia today France 24. All are free to watch.

The Manhattan receiver I install can be set up with the channels grouped in Languages , making it very easy to find and watch channels.

The ultimate extension to this is to add a motorised dish, the manhattan receiver will operate this too! This gives many hundreds of channels free to view.

EuroSport as a free channel has disappeared from most European broadcasters, but with German tv its still there!

So for all your Skispringen, Fusball, Kampfsport and Skilanglauf …. tune in!

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Extreme Sports
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Martial Arts
  • NFL
  • Sailing
  • Snooker
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Winter Sports


For the programme schedule see  tvinfo