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    Sky Deutschland will shortly begin its SD ( standard definition ) channel switch off.

    As Germanys ‘first mover’ Sky wants all its channels in HD, certainly  now would good timing as the HD tv market is saturated and would confirm its leading content provider role. All its subscribers will be updated free to the all HD platform and will see the following channels in HD:

    DisneyDisney Junior, Beate-Uhse.TV,


    National Geographic, Discovery Channel,

    13th Street, Fox Series, TNT Series,

    Syfy, NatGeo Wild, Spiegel Geschichte,

    Sky 1, TNT Film, Disney Cinemagic and Sky Atlantic


    Plus the addition of these popular channels to its base selection:

    E!, Entertainment HD, Eurosport 1HD

    History Channel HD, Sky Arts HD,


    TNT Comedy and Universal HD


    Cinema Customers will also have TNT  film HD and Disney Cinemagic HD added again with no extra charge.


    These channels are to be dropped: Sky Select HD, Blue Movie HD and Sky 1+1 HD, some of these channels content will be available via other channels or their ‘on demand’ video service.


    Through November Sky will shuffle its programmes around, so if you are viewing on a Sky Deutschland Official receiver, the box will  sort out the new channel list, if not ( r


    eceiver with a cam and card ) then you will have to do the re sorting yourself, to avoid  losing any channels.

    There are more SD channels in Sky’s list and no-doubt these will be upgraded soon.

    As far as we are aware no FTA German channels are affected.


    Currently I can order the complete package from Sky Germany, Sky Box + Sky Card + Official Prepaid Card , without any special conditions ( German bank, ID cards ….. )

    To inquire, please fill in the Quote form, on the left sidebar. Enter Sky Germany in the “requirements”  . Note only the FULL package is available.

    Commenting on Sky Deutschlands financial reports for 2013 just released, Brian Sullivan CEO said 2013 was a Milestone year delivering on its promise of progress. Skys full year results shows Euro35 million (up 16%) compared to -51 million in 2012, with the average per customer revenue now Euro34/

    Sky Deutschland now reaches 3.67 million people in Germany up 304 thousand during the year.Popular services recently introduced are Sky Go and some dual language options which have increased subscriber interest.

    SkyDeutschlandWe can supply your Sky Deutschland package and install for you anywhere in the Uk. For a quote please click  here for a quote 

    For anyone considering Sky Germany , for their football provider (which is available in this country from several outlets ) be aware that the English commentary has now been dropped, so brush up on the Deutche meine football fans !

    Sky Italia ( very popular in the Uk as a cheap alternative to sky Uk  in the Pubs ) dropped the English commentaries some months ago, leaving fans with Italian or sometimes Radio 5 live commentary if it was available

    Sky have also put the ‘non Sky’ boxes tuned to Sky Italia ,which had sprung up in the last 5 months , out of commission with a change of encryption, leaving publicans out of pocket and without pictures.